Taste of Edinburgh: a pescatarian’s paradise

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have finally decided to take the leap into the Blogosphere! And what better weekend to do it than Taste of Edinburgh weekend.

As per the last three years, this afternoon was spent pouring over the abridged menus from some of Edinburgh’s best restaurants deciding which moutwatering items to order.  Positives from this year included an increased number of options for us pescatarians.  I was treated to dishes such as gorgeous, thick slices of oak smoked salmon, luxurious Ancarro fish fingers (both from Ondine), Cullen skink (from Cafe Gandolfi) and seared West of Scotland scallops with pea puree and crispy pancetta (from Tigerlily). And of course the move back to the Meadows. Last year’s adventure to Inverleith Park was very handy for me as a resident of Stockbridge but it was ever so slightly cramped. This year there was certainly more room to spread out on the grass and enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

The negatives included the slightly lacklustre selection of producers.  This year the quantity of exhibitors seemed to be the key to success in Taste’s opinion and not the quality.  There were plenty to keep the Edinburgh crowds busy throughout the four hour session but unfortunately none that have stood out in my mind.  In addition, I would have expected slightly more Scottish exhibitors at a Taste of Edinburgh event.  In the modern climate of recession and carbon footprints, I would much rather support a local, Scottish business rather than a national chain or a company that has paid to transport four days worth of merchandise from the south of England. But admittedly, that is just personal preference.

It was overall a successful day.  I came home with fudge, baklava, Danish bread and a whole load of ideas for restaurants to try in the coming year. However, what really made today excellent was of course the amazing Edinburgh weather.  Long may it continue!


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