Two weeks, two countries, two brunches

Last Sunday I was in Berlin enjoy this feast for Brunch:
It included salamis, cured hams, cheeses, pates, olives, roast peppers, salad, various dips and sauces, pears, apples, red currants, two types of melon and grapes.  It was a veritable feast and an amazing way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

Inspired by this, we decided to create our own Scottish inspired brunch this weekend.

This was my offering: Scottish smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a bagel.

And my husband’s was slightly less healthy but nevertheless still distinctly Scottish: back bacon, Stornoway black pudding, toast and lashings of maple syrup (admittedly not Scottish!).

A perfect way to start a Sunday, I think you’ll agree!


3 thoughts on “Two weeks, two countries, two brunches

  1. I think its great to see what different countries consider ‘breakfast’ or ‘brunch’ in this case. I wonder if it stems from the weather as a starting point – there arent many countries that I know of that have a cooked breakfast as standard!

    Poland goes for the whole continental theme (or at least my apartment does) – I got a voucher for breakfast at the bakery and I got given: freshly squeezed orange juice (which for starters is fab!!) then a coffee, a croissant (it is a french bakery) and a cheese & ham sandwhich! Oh my goodness – that is breakfast and lunch all in one for me – kept me going all day!

    Though I do like a little ole fry-up every so often – I have to stay true to my Scottish roots!

    What’s been your favourtie breakfast serving you’ve come across in your travels?

    1. Oooh that’s a tough one Claire! The Spaniard’s tend to go for a very sweet breakfast. If it can be dipped in sugar, they’ll dip it in sugar! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing however. They have the best hot chocolate to accompany it. So you can dunk your sugar coated croissant or pain au chocolate in hot chocolate and no-one will bat an eyelid!

      I must say though, I do like a good continental breakfast. You can beat loads of cheeses (and meats if you eat them), jams, cereal, yoghurt, fruit and, of course the German essential, Nutella!!

      There’s a theme here with my breakfast preferences! I promise I don’t eat chocolate with breakfast every day! It just seems to appear when I’m in a foreign country!

      What have the breakfasts been like in the further-afield places you’ve been to?

  2. Hey sorry I just realised I didnt reply back to this one.

    Breakfast in Brazil was a little peculiar for me because we got offerend the usual ‘continental style’ breakfast but also on the platter along side our fruits & cheeses were sweet cakes (mostly sponge-style)!! Admittedly we tried them but it didnt sit quite right as a breakfast food me thinks the cakes should at least wait for elevenses!

    Having said that, I’d quite happily tuck into a cinamon roll or pain au chocolate for breakfast so I cant rule out all sweet things as bad at breakfast 🙂

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