Key Lime Cupcakes: Attempt 1

Taking advantage of a rare day off yesterday, I decided to try a recipe from Cox, Cookies and Cake which I found in the recent issue of Foodies Magazine: Key Lime Cupcakes.  I am having something of an affair with citrus fruits at the moment so I was very enthusiastic about a break from my usual lemony flavours. In the magazine, the recipe is accompanied by an impressive photo of an exotic, spiky-iced, green cupcake atop a disco ball.  Unfortunately, my cakes did not turn out quite like the cupcake Adonis in the recipe.  I have however promised to share my successes and my other exploits in the kitchen because I certainly don’t get it right every time!

Key Lime Cupcakes: Attempt 1

The cakes themselves were moist and beautifully bitter sweet. I was even able to make around 20 from a recipe which should only make 12.  Drizzling lime syrup over the cakes when they are still cooling adds even more moisture but unfortunately failed to add much more flavour to my cakes.

The icing was also a slight let down as I just couldn’t achieve the consistency that was promised in the recipe. With 200g melted white chocolate and 125ml whipping cream already in my bowl, I still had to add 175g butter and only 350g icing sugar. Having memorised various different buttercream recipes over the years, I was soon aware that my icing was never going to reach a suitable consistency for piping.  Admittedly I did get a little too excited and perhaps didn’t leave the chocolate and cream mixture to cool enough but I could be tempted to substitute one of my own icing recipes in my next attempt.

As a result of my icing “problems” and somewhat to my relief, the design of my cakes had to change to a rather simpler design as per the photo above.

In my next attempt, I’ll definitely be experimenting with one of my own icing recipes and I’d like to try to inject even more of a bitter sweet punch to the cakes. I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be able to source key limes (which are a lot more tart than regular limes) but I’ll do my best to give my cakes a bit more gusto and therefore feed my addiction to citrus fruits!  Watch this space!


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