Take a tour round my kitchen

Go on, have a nosey… I promise it won’t take long!

I often dream of having a large farm kitchen with rustic looking table in the centre, an aga and plenty of work space to roll out bread, scones and other lovely baked goods. Unfortunately, living in a compact (i.e. tiny) rented tenement flat in Edinburgh, my current kitchen is far from the dream! But it doesn’t stop me baking and cooking to my heart’s content. After all, the size of a kitchen is not directly related to the quality of products that come out of it!

My humble kitchen

Work space is sparse, to say the least, but I can always find room for my Kenwood Chef – an essential when making multiple batches of butter icing. I still covet the amazing pillar-box red Magimix but the Kenwood Chef remains my trusty friend until I win the lottery.

My wonderful Kenwood Chef

As a recent survivor of two Pampered Chef parties, I have many new gadgets and accessories to show off, including the Tool Turnaround (below). Strangely, my neatness-obsessed other half seemed more excited about it that me when it arrived.

My humble work surfaces

There’s a theme of maps running through our home (we have a Peter’s Projection on our living room wall and a map of the world on our shower curtain) and the kitchen is no exception. When I’m not stirring up a batch of cupcakes or brownies, me and my other half are planning which American culinary delights to sample next.

Our plans for world domination - first step, America!

Dancing while cooking is a must. Even if the neighbours – and the cat – think I’m slightly strange!

My super high-tech sound system!

I am yet to be tempted away from the traditional piping bag and nozzles when it comes to icing cakes.  They are so unbelievably versatile and unless you end up with icing coming out the top of the bag (I have done this a few times!), they are relatively easy to work with.

My cake decorating shelf

And the obligatory comedy items… I must admit I was slightly apprehensive about using our dishtowel holder.  They’re just something inherently wrong about it.

Our lovely dish towel holder

And finally, the best souvenir kitchen gadget I have received so far.  For a weakling such as myself, it’s not ideal for opening bottles but it still makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Our very classy corkscrew - the Manneken Pis from Brussels

Preparation and organisation is the key when baking in a kitchen the size of mine. I always try to do one thing at a time and tidy up as I go along – although I’m often not successful at the last part.  One day I’ll have my large farm kitchen but until then, I’ll keep making the best of what I have.


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