Pudding Party 2011

Last night to celebrate moving into our new flat, we resurrected a party concept that we’ve been using since I was at university: the Pudding Party! The concept is simple: bake or buy a cake, bring it along and stuff your face!! Such parties used to be a yearly occurrence for me and anyone I happened to live with but the tradition seems to have lapsed slightly over the last few years. As such, last night’s we had a good few pudding party virgins.

As ever, I didn’t leave myself enough time to do everything I wanted to do but I was pretty pleased with what I did make. I decided to try and pimp up the key lime cupcakes I attempted a couple of months ago. The last batch I made just didn’t cut it for me so this time I added a good smack of flavour with a dash or two of tequila.

My margarita cupcakes. Making and tasting these at 11am on a Saturday was a challenge. See – I was actually baking with that bottle of tequila I opened!
My oreo cake, a variation on my oreo cupcakes that I made in August following our trip to the US of A.

Mr H excelled himself (I’ve obviously taught him well!). He spent both Friday and Saturday in the kitchen and managed to knock up three different recipes, including one which used some of the small mountain of apples from the tree in our garden.

Mr H’s oatmeal & raisin cookies – these disappeared fast
Mr H’s apple crumble
Home Sweet Home – fudge from Mr H’s brother and his fiancee although I understand there may have been some “help” from Mother H!
Chocolate and orange shortcake made by my brother and his girlfriend
Chocolate and cream cheese cupcakes
Lemon crunch flan – I didn’t get a chance to try this last night so it’s first on my hit list today!
Victoria sponge which I think was made by a certain Mr Marks & Mr Spencer!
Welsh cakes. I was shocked to discover that Mr H had never tried one of these despite living in Wales for a year.
Turkish sweets – sorry Gizem! I didn’t catch what they were called. They were spectacular though. Deep fried and covered in sugar syrup – it’s a wonder they’re Turkish and not Scottish!
A very impressive lemon tart with homemade pastry and everything! I love a bit of tart!

There were lots more cakes including a salted caramel cake, a fruit loaf that Mr H made, an ice cream cake (which is still in our freezer) and the most gorgeous cherry bake well cupcakes that I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to snap. They were so popular that they disappeared too fast!

Thanks to everyone who came along. We hope your sugar hangover isn’t too bad. If it is, just do what we’re doing and treat it with hair of the dog – cake, cake and more cake!


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