Edinburgh Cake Ladies – Back to Basics

This week has been yet another cake-filled week. With our housewarming Pudding Party last Saturday, my sugar levels peaked once again mid-week with my second outing to an Edinburgh Cake Ladies event.  On this occasion, the emphasis was on getting back to basics and sitting down with a slice of cake, a cuppa and having a good ol’ natter – all things that Edinburgh Cake Ladies have perfected!

The event was hosted by the lovely (if slightly incapacitated!) Lea Harris in Bon Papillon on Howe Street.  As a previous resident of Stockbridge, I had often walked past Bon Papillon and had a wee nosy in the window but I’d never ventured inside.  It seems I’ve been missing out on the gorgeous cakes, welcoming atmosphere and colourful artwork (my particular favourite was a picture of a cat with a moustache!).

Ginger cake and tea

In addition, the service and attention to detail from Ingrid and Stuart was spectacular.  My ginger cake and peppermint tea were not only served on and in the most gorgeous matching crockery, the cake was also dusted with icing sugar and drizzled with honey. And all this for only £3.50!! I was blown away.

With lots of cake-themed chat, it was another enjoyable night with the Edinburgh Cake Ladies.  Looking forward to more seeing everyone again in February and catching up with everyone on twitter before then!


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