Applewood smoked cheddar scones

I really can’t stand wasting food so when I found some buttermilk in the fridge that was about to go out of date, I just had to find something to make with it.  I’ve made quite a few muffins over the last few weeks so I plumped for something I hadn’t made in a long time: scones.  And just to make them a little bit more interesting, I threw in a bit of applewood smoked cheddar.

Half way through making the scones, I realised I didn’t have a round cutter.  I have many other shapes but just nothing round. I maybe should have just made dinosaur or Santa shaped scones!  This lead to a bit of improvisation and a slightly more rustic look to the scones than I had originally planned.  Nevertheless, they smelled amazing when in the oven and tasted amazing when they came out.

The smokiness of the cheese is just delicate enough not to overpower the palate but it does add an extra dimension to an ordinary cheese scone.  Because the cheese was too soft to grate, I had to dice it which means that you get wonderful chunks of cheese scattered throughout the scones when you cut into them.

Oh…and I forgot to mention…they didn’t quite rise but never mind!  I’ll eat them anyway!


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