Coco Chocolate Making Class

Pouring out the milk chocolate

I have never hidden the fact that I absolutely adore Coco Chocolate’s 72% chocolate.  I have used it in brownies, cakes and just for nibbling and it has never disappointed.  It is the perfect mix of intense chocolatey flavour without bitterness and manages to maintain a wonderfully smooth texture.  So when a deal for a reduced price chocolate making class at Coco’s kitchens popped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance.

Tempering chocolate on marble

Crammed into the two hour class was a wealth of information and enough chocolate to sink a battleship!  The proceedings started with a tutorial in something I have always wanted to experience: tempering chocolate by hand on a cold marble slab.  Tempering chocolate means that the chocolate not only maintains a wonderful shine when it sets but also ensures a simple, clean snap when the chocolate breaks.

Tempered chocolate

Tempering involves heating the chocolate then cooling it to around 28C before heating it again to a certain temperature, between 27C – 32C depending on the type of chocolate. Pouring the chocolate onto a marble slab cools it quickly and generally looks divine.  I must admit that had I not been wearing rather unattractive kitchen whites it would have felt almost like I was indulging in a scene from the film Chocolat!

Making hazelnut chocolates

With the tempered milk chocolate we made hazelnut chocolates and chocolate lollies before moving onto tempering dark chocolate for rose fondants and hot chocolate.

Making Rose Fondants

As you can see, I had a whale of a time playing with and eating some of my favourite chocolate.  I would definitely recommend the class to anyone interested in chocolate or anything to do with chocolate.  I promise you’ll learn more about chocolate than you ever thought possible and even if you don’t look at what you get to take home with you!

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

I’m not sharing mine with anyone. Sorry to disappoint!


6 thoughts on “Coco Chocolate Making Class

  1. I am impressed that your food hygiene skills are evident with the lack of watch and rings plus wearing a hat and apron!!!!!!!!!

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