Edinburgh Cake Ladies – The Year of Cake

Despite having a major rush to get out of the office on Tuesday afternoon and completely forgetting that I needed eggs to bake a cake – you’d think I’d know these things by now – I finally made it to my second Edinburgh Cake Ladies event: the Year of Cake.

A huge thank you must go to Allison for organising the event and to Earthy Foods for hosting us ladies. I had never been to Earthy before and will definitely be popping in to pick up some bergamot oranges and other such exciting seasonal produce.

As ever, it was lovely to catch up with familiar faces and meet some of the newer faces. It was also great to hear that the Glasgow Cake Ladies will soon be holding their first event. Everyone clearly wants a big fat slice of the cakey action!

So without further ado, here are some of the photos from Tuesday night’s event. I was unfortunately a little preoccupied with sampling the exquisite cakes so may have missed a few. As such, apologies for any problems with the photos; they were taken after I had consumed a large quantity of sugar! Enjoy and try not to drool on your computer/phone!

Terri's lemon and passionfruit cake - a spectacle just to look at
Katey's espresso chiffon cake with baileys mousse - it says it all
Kirsteen's orange and almond cake proves that the Glasgow Cake Ladies will enjoy the same high standard of cakey goodness as their Edinburgh counterparts
Michelle's raspberry ripple cake was finger-licking good (quite literally in my case!)
Susan's beetroot and seed cake - with so many "healthy" ingredients, there surely can't be any calories in it, right?!
Sharon's satsuma cake - absolutely stunning and tasty to boot!
Chiara's chocolate and strawberry cake - another "healthy" cake which satisfied my craving for fruit, albeit bathed in chocolate!
Gillian's spicy parsnip cake - yum! I didn't know what to expect from parsnip in a cake but it certainly didn't disappoint
Catherine's chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate fudge frosting - a must for fans of salted caramel
Helen's red velvet cake - absolutely divine! It disappeared quickly as you can see!
Lea's tipsy trifle cake - another stunning cake that disappeared extremely fast
Susan's carrot cake - a classic that I will never grow tired of
Victoria's dead apple cake - I have a piece waiting for me at home which I promise I will try!
Manuela's posh German apple tart - looking good!
Janis's ginger and orange cake - I have only recently been introduced to the ginger and orange flavour combination and I am wholeheartedly convinced that it's a winner!

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Cake Ladies – The Year of Cake

  1. Good grief, those cakes look utterly amazing! Lea’s tipsy trifle cake sounds very intriguing, and the raspberry ripple cake is just gorgeous. Really makes me want to roll my sleeves up and get in the kitchen! x

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