Afternoon tea at Hettie’s Tea Room, Pitlochry

This weekend I’ve been in Pitlochry enjoying some time with my other half to celebrate our wedding anniversary so I couldn’t resist the discount deal that popped into my inbox for afternoon tea at Hettie’s Tea Room in Pitlochry.  Given our often limited budget it’s unusual that we would indulge in the luxury of an afternoon tea so this was the perfect opportunity for a break from the norm.

The tea room itself is a wonderfully brightly coloured shop front in the centre of Pitlochry with huge slabs of cake in each of the windows to entice passing hungry tourists. The turquoise and pink colour scheme continues inside where the modest shop front opens into a large airy space ideal for accommodating coach parties in the height of summer. Unfortunately, the table that was reserved for us was slightly cramped when laden with two cups of tea, teapots, plates, cutlery, an egg timer and a cake stand. It was however kitted out with charmingly mismatched vintage-style cups, saucers and crockery – appreciated by me but not so much by my other half who likes everything to match exactly.  Despite being rushed off their feet (no doubt due to the amazing discount deal that many others had also found hard to resist), the staff were still able to give us a warm greeting and attentive service.

Having not been for afternoon tea very often I can’t offer any comparisons on the food itself. I can say however that the selection of food available was more than adequate to bring on a suitable sugar high for me and my other half! In an attempt to regulate our sugar levels, we first tucked into the ham and tomato and egg sandwiches. Not the most sophisticated of choices but they certainly filled a hole. And when we could resist no longer we finally dived head first into the cakes. First on the hit list was the magnificently large fruit score which adorned the top tier of our stand. Topped with cream and jam, it was the perfect scone: not too dry, not too moist with just the right amount of butter and fruit.

Next came a blur of meringues, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownies and caramel shortcake. Fit to burst, there were certainly no complaints about any of them.  When we finally managed to prize ourselves off the seats and waddle towards our hotel, we were pleasantly surprised by the two sample packets of Hettie’s tea blends that we were presented with.  I had no idea that they were included in the deal but they made a very welcome souvenir from a wonderful indulgence.

By the looks of it though, we’ll have to buy ourselves an egg timer before we’re able to brew either of them properly!


5 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at Hettie’s Tea Room, Pitlochry

    1. Hi Jane, I think the deal was from Groupon. It was afternoon tea for two for £9.50. I’m not sure it’s still available as they managed to sell a lot more than they were expecting.

      1. we walked past this place yesterday – the colour scheme ceratinly attracts you to it. However, I was equally attracted to the shp across the road called Drinkmonger!!!!

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