Getting tarty with Edinburgh Cake Ladies

This photo says it all!  I’ve lost count of how many amazing pies and tarts I tasted at my fourth Edinburgh Cakes Ladies event but it was a lot!  Getting Tarty was the theme for this event at the spectacular Mimi’s Bakehouse on the Shore which meant I actually had to attempt pastry instead of resorting to shop bought.

I settled on one of my favourite tarts (or rather pies) that I had made many times before but never with my own pastry: pumpkin pie.  After a practice attempt at the weekend, I think I pulled it off.

My gorgeous pumpkin pie!

Without further ado though, here are the photos of most of the tarts and pies (I did miss a few). Don’t drool too much!

Catherine's lemon, bergamot and olive oil tart - still to be tasted!
Stephanie's rich chocolate and raspberry tart - the perfect combination!
Emma's chocolate caramel tart - voted one of the favourites by my workmates
Lois's rich chilli chocolate tart
Despite not being a fan of cooked apples, I just had to try Adele's apple and amaretto frangipane because it had amaretto in it!
Allison's orange and mincemeat tart because mincemeat is not just for Christmas! Also, my workmates other favourite tart!
Aoife's gorgeous-looking pear and chocolate tart
Amy's caramelised onion and mustard tart made the perfect savoury starting point.
Gillian's caramel chocolate tart which my other half tucked into when I got home!
Victoria's delicious rhubarb custard tart - a must for lovers of rhubarb
Alison's chocolate orange tart had one of the most addictive fillings ever!
Katey's impressive caramel apple tart
Lea's spectacular passionfruit meringue tart - I cannot describe how amazing this was. I'm now in love with passionfruit!
Melissa's chestnut tart was my introduction to chestnut
Michelle's mysterious Italian apricot tart!
Wendy's blood orange tart was a welcome break from the sweetness
Pam's maple walnut tart with impressively perfect pastry - very jealous!

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