Tealicious – a pop-up tea party

I had been meaning to write this post last Sunday night but a combination of elevated blood sugar levels, excessive amounts of work and a trip to Belfast got in the way.  Today, sitting amongst the remnants of our half-demolished Easter eggs, I finally have the time to write about the fabulous Tealicious!  Anyone who has been to any of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies events will know about the inevitable sugar-crash following each cake-filled event.  Last Sunday evening’s sugar level drop was induced by the talents of two of said Cake Ladies, Michelle and Katey.  With glowing reviews following their floral-themed March event, I was eagerly awaiting my chance to sample this secret afternoon tea and with a cocktails and canapés theme, I was certainly not disappointed!

The afternoon started with savoury canapés including chive blinis, olive and pine nut shortbread and brioche pizzas. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the menu so I think that’s what everything was! I could have devoured endless amounts of all of these had I not been sitting next to the most attractive display of mini cocktail-themed sweet treats.

The real treats were still to come and included such delighted as whisky scones, limoncello meringue pies, black Russian nanaimo bars and grasshopper tarts – all presented spectacularly!

Even once finished the miniature delights on the cake stands there were full size versions of cocktail-themed desserts including a mojito cheesecake (below) and a red wine cake.

I was blown away by the amount of time and effort that must have gone into planning, preparing and organising everything for the event.  I doth my cap to Katey and Michelle and am very jealous of everyone who gets to attend the retro sweet-themed event in May!


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