Thank you chocolates

Last week with the help of my amazing colleagues I managed to pull off an event which has been the focus of my working life for the last six months.  I decided to say thank you for everyone’s help (and for putting up with my horrendous moods over the last few weeks!) in the only way I know: with homemade sweet treats.

Using the techniques I learned at chocolate making class at Coco Chocolate, I set out to make peppermint creams and white chocolate truffles in my humble kitchen.  Having indulged in a certain amount of quality control (and having licked every bowl clean!), I can confidently say that my colleagues will be receiving a delicious selection of chocolates!

Not quite a marble slab: tempering chocolate at home
Making white chocolate truffles
The finished products: white chocolate truffles and peppermint creams
All wrapped and ready to go: a chocolatey thank you

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