A Belfast cake adventure

Looking back through the endless photos of cakes, bread and other baked treats on my camera I realised recently that I’d completely forgotten about my mini cake adventure in Belfast in April this year. When my other half got one of his academic papers accepted to the Political Studies Association Conference in Belfast at the beginning of the year, I took the opportunity to book myself a seat on the plane next to him. I had no idea what to expect from the capital of Northern Ireland but having been to university with many northern Irish students (all those years ago!), I had heard plenty about the culinary delights that these friends had to forgo when living over here.

Tulips at the Ulster Museum

On the day that my husband was presenting at the conference, I was left to my own devices in a very sunny but very cold Belfast.  After discovering that the brand new Titanic exhibition was sold out, the only option left was to take a wander and find some cake.

Lunch: a take away bagel from the French Village Bakery in the student heart of Belfast.  One of the many delicious home baked delights on offer.
Pudding: an aero cupcake from the Little Cupcake Cafe
A break from cakes for something slightly more savoury at the spectacular Avoca. If you are ever in Belfast, Avoca is not to be missed!
A tomato scone with homemade relish from Avoca
I left the best for last: a visit to the delightful cakesbyjames
Look at all those brownies!
My choice: a wonderfully decadent chocolate and lavender cake. It was actually to die for!

2 thoughts on “A Belfast cake adventure

  1. When I saw the title I did think…that was ageeeees ago! I love little surprises like this on my camera. It was great to re-live your trip to Belfast…mmmm chocolate lavender!

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