Chocolate bread

Last night I was searching for a new chocolate cake recipe to make for my boss’s leaving do this Friday and where better to find a chocolate cake recipe than in a Green & Black recipe book.  However, I didn’t make it that far through the book before my attention was grabbed by a picture of oozing, melting dark chocolate and soft, spongy bread: two of my favourite things.

I’ve been experimenting with bread making over the last few months and happened to have two bars of (albeit cheap) dark chocolate sitting next to me on the kitchen table, so couldn’t possibly resist the challenge of recreating the ridiculously tempting picture in the book.

And here it is (complete with my bite marks!):


Unable to resist the freshly baked bread last night, me and my other half sliced off a couple of door stops and as soon as we could. The bread itself was the perfect balance between sweet and savoury.

It’s also amazingly versatile: made of both bread and chocolate it’s acceptable to eat it at every opportunity!  Me and Malcolm have already devoured thick slices when still warm last night for a wee pre-bedtime snack, this morning for breakfast and again for pudding tonight.

I can safely say I’ll be making this again!


3 thoughts on “Chocolate bread

  1. could you try it as a bacon sarnie – if it works then we could declare it the ultimate comfort food

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