Getting Fruity with the Edinburgh Cake Ladies

As I mentioned in my previous post about my little cake accident, I was lucky enough to attend another Edinburgh Cake Ladies event last week.  After missing out on the event in May because of work, I was delighted to get baking again for the event at Craigie’s Farm.  Unfortunately, a venue surrounded by fields of ripening summer fruits and multiple prayers for sunshine couldn’t save us from the dreary conditions that we have now come to call “summer”.  But what did the weather matter when cake is involved?!

There were enough vibrant colours, fruity aromas and of course massive cakes in the room that I’m sure no one even glanced outside!

A last minute stand in with a wealth of fruit: Victoria’s Swedish berry cake
A mother and son effort: Wendy and Ross’ sponge with strawberries
My husbands favourite from the night: Alison’s chocolate fruit surprise
Strawberries and meringues in a cake: Hannah’s Eton mess
You can’t go wrong with a crumble topping on a cake: Lucy’s blackcurrant streusel cake
Bringing summer to the table: Shauna’s summer celebration cake
A divine combination of flavours: Allison’s orange cheesecake with strawberry and elderflower jelly
Stealing the show: Lea’s Carmen Miranda psycho pineapple chocolate celebration cake
Newcomer Mairi’s raspberry and apricot ripple cake
Lou’s raspberry and white chocolate cake: the photo does not do this cake justice! It was both huge and delicious!
Classic combinations: Lynne’s raspberry torte
Berry delight: Lizzie’s fruit drizzle cake
A welcome taste of citrus: Chiara’s lemon polenta cake
My first plate of cake…and certainly not my last!

I’ll definitely be heading back to Craigie’s in the near future, not only to sample some of their own cakes in the cafe but also to make the most of their pick your own fruit fields.  With strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries available at the moment, I can feel a bit of jam-making coming on!


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