Picnicking on the Harry Potter Train

Holidaying in Scotland can be unpredictable so when me and my friend Grainne finally booked the trip on the Harry Potter Train (otherwise known as the Jacobite Train) that we’d been planning since university, I decided not to leave things to chance and ordered a spectacular picnic lunch from the lovely Wendy at Inside Out Chef.

From the off, Wendy knew exactly what I was after: nothing short of a banquet in picnic form!  Given the news that one of the diners was pescetarian, one didn’t like sponge cakes and everyone loved cheese, Wendy came up with the menu below.  She even lent us a coolbox which we could plug into the car to keep everything cool on our journey to Fort William and an impressively pristine vintage picnic set to use if the weather allowed.

Harry potter train picnic Menu

Tuna, carrot and balsamic vinegar sandwiches

Red onion tart

Cheese platter with 4 different Scottish cheeses, crackers, homemade banana chutney and fruit

Cheese and dill scones

Strawberry crumb cakes

Strawberries with chocolate dip

The gorgeous vintage picnic set that we borrowed from Wendy for the weekend. Unfortunately, because of the rain and the cold we didn’t get a chance to use it.

Unfortunately in the haze of rain and excitement, I forgot to take photos of the delights of the picnic but I can assure you that Wendy had thought of everything: knives for the scones, forks for the strawberries and chocolate, napkins, printed menus, tea and coffee, labels on everything… If I had prepared the picnic, we’d have been lucky to get enough food for everyone, nevermind cutlery and napkins!

If only we could dine like this every day!

A wee extra: a selection of scones and banana loaf to keep us going on the journey.
Finally the time came to tuck in! The weather may have been shocking but we set up camp on a table in the train and enjoyed a lunch fit for a king!
Finished in style: fresh strawberries and chocolate dip!
And finally, here she is: the Harry Potter Train (aka The Jacobite). What a beauty!
Unfortunately, this was our view from the train for most of the journey. The picnic certainly made up for it!

A huge thank you to Wendy for preparing our picnic. It made all the difference to a dull and dreich day in Fort William!

Wendy also provides afternoon teas, freezer fills and luxury hampers.  For more information check out her website www.insideoutchef.com.


2 thoughts on “Picnicking on the Harry Potter Train

  1. I think your picnic looks amazing, I totally adore your Picnic set and Tiffin box xx I’ve always wanted to do that train journey, but the closest I got was some photos of the viaduct that it go over!! :o) x

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