Chocolate mousse and Good Friday lunch

“They’ve decided to visit today instead of tomorrow, is that ok?” Don’t go to too much trouble; it’s only Gary!”: my husband’s words the morning before one of his oldest friends and his girlfriend arrived for lunch.

When my husband Malcolm reminded me that we were having friends for lunch at the end of the week, I’d envisaged exactly how I was going to spend my Bank Holiday Friday: in the kitchen preparing. Being six and a half months pregnant and getting larger by the day I wasn’t planning anything too fancy but on Malcolm’s reaction when he saw the kitchen, it seems our interpretations of an informal lunch differ somewhat!

On the menu yesterday was:

Tortilla española (Spanish potato omelette)

Pan con tomate (our version of bruschetta)

Spinach and pine nut pasta salad

Nigella’s instant chocolate mousse with raspberries


Nigella’s chocolate mousse is a godsend for a pregnant woman who is also short of time. No raw eggs and barely any preparation or setting time (I stuck mine in the freezer for an hour to give it a quick blast) but it definitely satisfies that chocolate craving!


We certainly don’t do posh china or even ramekins in our house but we do know about whisky! And while I’m out of action as far as whisky drinking is concerned I think I’ve managed to find a suitable alternative use for our extensive collection of Glencairn glasses!


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