Seven-hour maple-mustard pulled pork

I’ve never been a big meat-eater but as I’m pregnant I can’t possibly deny the little one the chance to taste as much as possible. This has pleased my husband Malcolm no end because he now gets to look forward to a proper Sunday dinner each weekend, something that we’ve never really indulged in before.

We were planning to try the recipe for seven-hour maple-mustard pulled pork (from BBC Good Food Magazine, November 2012) on Sunday but forgot to take the epic piece of pork shoulder that I’d ordered from Tesco out of the freezer in time. Given that I’ve now finished work and am on maternity leave, there was absolutely no reason for us to wait until Sunday to enjoy our treat. Wednesday it would be!


After 7 hours in the oven, the meat literally fell apart. It was divine! And thanks to my careless online ordering from Tesco, we’ve now got enough to do us for lunch tomorrow and for dinner another night. Pork anyone?



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