Chocolate galore!

My pregnancy-induced sweet tooth is still raging on. Over the last few days I’ve not only consumed a selection of sweet treats including ice-cream, biscuits and chocolate, I’ve also managed to completely deplete the supplies of chocolate that I had stashed in my baking cupboard.

Although I did admittedly gave a wee nibble while baking, the chocolate in my baking cupboard has so far been turned into two different recipes that can be frozen and enjoyed with visitors when the baby finally arrives. (This also meant it was out of reach of my grubby paws!)

The first of the recipes, the ever-popular Rolo Slice, kept me busy in the kitchen while my other half watched what seemed like an endless marathon of various sports on Sunday. It is now portioned up and waiting for visitors in the freezer. Luckily it actually only takes around 10-20 minutes to defrost so if I’m in need of a quick sugar fix, I won’t have to wait long!

The second recipe was Dan Lepard’s chocolate chunk cookies baked fresh this morning. There’s still a batch cooling as I write this and so far I’ve managed to resist sampling them…somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to resist much longer given the smell in my kitchen currently!



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