Preparing for a new arrival

Can you ever truly prepare for the arrival of your first born?! Three weeks on from the birth of my daughter, Xanthe, I can respond with a resounding no! Nothing could have prepared me for the lack of sleep, the lack of time or the overwhelming rush of emotions.

However as prospective parents, me and my husband tried our best to prepare. We bought everything on our list (cot, pram, nappies…), we attended the antenatal classes, we read up on parenting techniques and in the final days before our arrival we stocked our freezer full of a selection of homemade meals to keep us going through the first few weeks of parenthood.

First on the menu was my coconut and vegetable soup. Although one of my favourites, in hindsight it perhaps wasn’t my best choice of dish as it can be slightly difficult – and a tad dangerous – to eat hot soup with one hand while cradling a sleeping newborn in the other! Nevertheless, the fact that I accidentally ordered a butternut squash weighing nearly 2kg with our online shopping meant that I made enough to feed a army!

20130628-153719.jpg Next on the menu were main courses: lasagne and macaroni cheese, both of which I’m pleased to say can be eaten with one hand!

20130628-153956.jpg And for afters, we couldn’t go without a good stash of Rolo slice !

20130628-154816.jpg Needless to say, the Rolo slice was the first thing to disappear from the freezer! The rest managed to keep us going through our first few weeks of parenthood when feeding ourselves became something of a secondary priority, giving way to feeding our beautiful daughter.

And here she is…three weeks old and an absolute star.



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