A return to baking…

Wow! Where have the last seven months gone?! I’m not going to lie, they’ve not been an easy seven months but we’ve got through them.

The months since the birth of little X in June last year have gone by in a blur of boxes (we moved from Edinburgh back to the metropolis of Aberdeenshire when she was 8 weeks old), sleepless nights (for the whole family), tears (both from the baby and me), trips to the doctor (for little X) and a mass of medication to treat a pretty bad case of silent reflux. For those who have had the good fortune never to come across silent reflux, it can turn a normally happy, smiley baby into a screaming bundle of misery.

Luckily little X is a resilient little girl and she’s kept us all laughing along the way and just a few months on she’s one of the happiest little girls you’ll meet.

Although pretty impossible for the last few months, I’m now beginning to get back into the kitchen. Little X is now eating solids and loves her food so most of my time is spent cooking up meals for her and when I eventually get the chance again, I’ll definitely be back baking.

There is however one thing limiting my culinary exploits at the moment: I’ve had to go dairy-free. Little X has a suspected allergy/intolerance to cow’s milk. It’s never been officially diagnosed and I’m not normally one for self-diagnosing but it is a common cause of reflux and I was getting very little information about it from my doctor. When I cut out dairy from my diet (I’m still breastfeeding), little X became a different girl so we stuck with it. She should grow out if it and I think we’re almost there because she can tolerate some dairy but for now, my recipes remain largely dairy-free.

Anyway, enough chat…here are some of the delights that I’ve managed to create over the last few months:

Rolo slice made a return before I had to go dairy-free


Dairy-free apple pancakes as a wee snack for little X


Dairy-free lemon and blueberry cake for pudding on Christmas Day


Dairy-free dark chocolate and raspberry brownies


Butternut squash, apple and parsnip muffins for little X’s lunch


And tonight’s creation: sundried tomato tear and share bread for friends tomorrow



3 thoughts on “A return to baking…

  1. Looks delicious Fiona! Will look out for your brownie recipe at some point! Glad to hear the wee one is on the mend and hope dairy free continues to go well! Take care, Laura xx

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