Baby led weaning lentil bake

Most of my time in the kitchen is now spent cooking up delights for our wee munchkin, little X. I swear she eats better and has a more varied diet than me and her dad (the only thing she’s really turned her nose up so far has been avocado) but my mum tells me this will be the case from now on.

As little X has been no suffering from acid reflux, we were advised to start her on solids when she was just 19 weeks old (the World Health Organisation guidelines recommend starting at 6 months/26 weeks). We started with weeks of unsuccessfully offering all sorts of puréed fruit and vegetables which X clearly didn’t enjoy so when she finally reached 6 months we moved onto baby led weaning.

So now little X eats whatever we’re eating, be it curry, spaghetti bolognese or duck à l’orange! She is loving it! She’s not eating a huge amount but she’s very enthusiastic and willing to try whatever you put in front of her.

This week we tried out the Mexican Lentil Bake from Little Grazers. X was never keen on lentils when I offered them to her as a purée but this recipe is packed with flavour. It’s also easy to cut up so that little hands can hold it.


There was very little of it left once X had got her hands on it!

2 thoughts on “Baby led weaning lentil bake

  1. Hi Fi,
    do you have an idea what i could use as an egg substitute? These bites sound delicious!!
    Thanks for your help, hope little X is doing well!

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