Mission Impossible: Chocolate Cookies

Baking a batch of chocolate cookies isn’t usually too complicated but when you have an eight-month-old to factor into the equation, things change completely: no task can be completed without interruption and everything therefore takes ten times longer. So when I decided to make chocolate cookies for our weekly playdate on a Thursday, this is how long it actually took me to make those 16 delicious cookies.

– Start meal planning for the week and decide what recipe to make for the playdate.

– Order grocery shopping online

– Grocery shopping delivered

Tuesday night (after X is in bed)
– Chop up chocolate to create chocolate chips and weigh out all dry ingredients.

Wednesday morning
– In between giving X her breakfast, getting her dressed and keeping her entertained, mix together all the ingredients.
– Run back to X when I realise that I can’t see or hear her any more.
– Find X half way under the sofa/terrorising the cat/eating the TV remote.
– Return X to her toys where I can see her and put the first batch of cookies in the oven.
– Play with X while they bake, take them out the oven and leave to cool.
– Put X down for a nap and run back to the kitchen to put another batch of cookies in the oven. Jump in the shower while they bake.
– When out the shower, check on the batch that are in the oven because the last batch took longer than planned. Reset the timer for another couple of minutes and attempt to get dressed before the timer beeps and wakes X up.
– Take the final batch out of the oven and leave to cool. Resist eating them while they are cooling.
– Do the washing up.

-Take cookies to play date and enjoy!



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