Marbled chocolate crumb cake

I would love to blame my current craving for all things chocolatey on my lack of dairy products but I have to admit that when it comes to baked goods, I can’t resist anything with chocolate in it. So this week’s playdate bake was solely to satisfy my craving for cocoa: Dan Lepard’s marbled chocolate crumb cake.


As with all of my baking at the moment, I substituted butter for dairy-free margarine. It does affect the flavour slightly but with so much chocolate in there (there are even chocolate chunks!), it’s hardly noticeable.


Unfortunately the cake was just too tempting and I cracked into it a whole day before I was supposed to serve it at our playdate. It must have been appreciated by those who can tolerate dairy too as the whole cake vanished quicker than I’ve seen in a while. They may not have been the only ones helping themselves to several slices at a time though!


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