One step closer to a “normal” birthday cake…

Having turned a big 10 months last week, we can now start trying to reintroduce both dairy and eggs into X’s diet as most babies will grow out of their allergies by 10-12 months. So last week was mostly about…


Yogurt! This is what I was recommended to start with and so far we’re not doing too badly. We started off with just a teaspoon of yogurt in the morning and have moved up to 2 teaspoons with breakfast. X has a slight reaction to it but nowhere near the crying fits we used to have.

On the plus side, it does mean that I can eat CHEESE again in small quantities.  Bliss!


Our progress with eggs seems to be even better. X had some of my scrambled egg yesterday and an omelette for lunch today and there was no sign of the hives that used to consume her face when she ate egg previously.

Hopefully at this rate X will be able to have a “normal” birthday cake in a few months time. Fingers crossed.


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