Low-dairy macaroni cheese

I am once again writing this from underneath a sleeping baby. Illness has been sweeping through our household over the last few weeks and has now  culminated in a very poorly X who’s having trouble keeping anything down. Prior to the invasion of the germs however we made a lot of progress with introducing dairy into X’s diet.

After years of despising the hideous macaroni cheese that was served for school dinners, homemade macaroni cheese is now one of my favourite and most comforting meals and it’s one that I have missed so much since giving up dairy last year. However with a recipe that includes butter, milk and cheese, it’s not exactly dairy-free and I found it very hard to make dairy-free without considerably affecting the taste (have you ever tried vegan cheese?!).

Now that X is able to tolerate a small amount of cheese, I was able to make a slightly lower dairy version of my favourite dish. I replaced the butter with a dairy-free free spread, such as Vitalite, the milk was replaced with coconut milk and I used a good mature cheddar to inject as much flavour as possible into the dish from a minimal amount of cheese.

At this stage I should expalin that the coconut milk I use in cooking and on my cereal nowadays is not the coconut milk that you would put in a curry. It is instead similar to soy milk or almond milk and genrally doesn’t affect the taste of dishes at all.


I was unsure whether the adapted recipe would work or whether it would actually taste any good but my taste panel approved (X and her dad). However after a long time without it, I’m not sure who devoured theirs fastest: me or X!



2 thoughts on “Low-dairy macaroni cheese

  1. I’d like to try that coconut milk, I love soya and almond milk already! I just love Macaroni Cheese, although strangely I was in the States recently and it is EVERYWHERE over there and I didn’t have it once! Must remedy that now… Thanks!

    1. Tesco actually do their own brand version of the coconut milk too. I used to drink rice milk which is great but you can’t give it to babies as there’s arsenic in it!!

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