A break from the kitchen

It has once again been a busy few weeks and months for our wee family as we finally bought our first house and moved in. X also recently turned one and although I would like to say that I have been busy making her a spectacular first birthday cake, time (or the distinct lack of it) unfortunately didn’t allow me that luxury.

I have nevertheless turned my attention to a few craft projects out with the kitchen, both for our new house and for X and her friends’ first birthday presents.

My first endeavour was to upcycle a TV unit for our new house that I bought on Gumtree. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the most practical piece of furniture given that X now pulls everything out of the drawers but there’s no getting rid of it now!


Next, I turned my attentions towards my sewing machine to whip up a few wee presents for X and her friends’ 1st birthdays. The material for the letters was specifically chosen for each child. I can’t wait until X’s one actually fits her.

The first was sewn lovingly by hand…


The rest were sewn on the machine!


My most recent project has included a bit of DIY, or as close to DIY as I get! When X was at her trial week with the childminder, I took the opportunity to finally decorate her room. Prior to this house, we’ve always been in rented accommodation so we’ve never really been able to out our stamp on the decor. I have however been collecting things for X’s room since she was born so it was just a matter of putting everything where it should be.



One thought on “A break from the kitchen

  1. Love the kids tops! What a cute idea. Also liked the TV unit up cycled and the wall decor!
    Hope you are settling in well, took us a few months as we had to do some big jobs first! We have still got some things we need to change getting there (almost 5 years!!)

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