Snack time

With X turning 1, we’ve suddenly come up against an almost insatiable hunger which can no longer be satisfied by milk. To many parents this will not come as a surprise but for us, it seemed to happen overnight. One day she was happy with her three meals and milk in between and the next she was demanding food pretty much constantly. So the week before I went back to work (eek!) I quickly had to whip up a couple of batches of snacks which could be put in X’s lunchbox and taken to the childminder’s. A quick browse on Pinterest and some of my favourite websites and I found a few recipes that X seems to approve of. The date and coconut slice from One Handed Cooks is quick and easy to make and ranked higher than raisins in X’s pecking order of snacks which I never thought would happen! She can’t get enough of it! It freezes really well too.

20140713-213827-77907009.jpg I have no idea what recipe I followed for this banana loaf. I probably made it up as I was going along but X devoured it, shoving whole slices into her mouth at once! It was lovely and moist and also froze really well. Unfortunately we have exhausted our supply – probably because I was also partial to a slice or two – so I’ll have to try and remember exactly how I made it so I can make another batch.



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