Organised chaos at last – IKEA Kallax toy storage

Monday night was all about organising X’s toys in the living room into some sort of storage system. We moved into our house in May last year and we’re definitely still trying to make it our own – this is the first house we’ve owned so it still almost doesn’t feel like ours. I’ve been trying to declutter X’s toys as much as I could both before and after Christmas but we’d still been left with a giant pile of toys in a corner of our living room. Most of them didn’t get played with because they were simply forgotten about, buried at the bottom of the pile. image Trusty IKEA to the rescue! Their new Kallax shelving fits perfectly in X’s play space in the living room. The baskets mean that we can still clear away some of the clutter but she can also see what toys she’s got on the shelves. Just a few days in, and she’s already found a whole heap of musical instruments and balls that she’d forgotten about.

Let the (re)discovering commence!


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