Burns Night chocolate chip shortbread

I’ve been doing a bit of baking with X lately. Scones have been a big hit and we’ve made them twice but she loves to help in the kitchen with pretty much anything. She particularly likes rolling out the dough and using cutters to cut out the shapes so for Burns Night I thought we’d branch out into shortbread. It was slightly trickier for her to do as the shortbread was a little more fragile once cut. X didn’t seem to notice though as she was content stealing the chocolate chips out of the dough while I moved the shapes onto the baking tray.

image The cutters we used weren’t the most Scottish shapes. I thought I had loads of cookies cutters but it turns out I have a huge amount of Christmas cutters and only a few other shapes. So we ended up with Ampelmännchen (the green man and red man from old East Berlin traffic lights – I picked these cutters up in Berlin over 2 years ago and this is the first time we’ve used them), owls and hearts.


We used Dan Lepard’s recipe for butter shortbread from his book Short and Sweet.


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